Blue Cycle

Presentation in INNOMED-UP project webinar

At the invitation of the NTUA research team that directs and coordinates the research program “ENI CBCMED_CROSS_BORDER COOPERATION: INNOMED-UP Promoting UPcycling in Circular Economy through INNOVATION and education for creative industries in MEDiterranean cities“, we participated in the interactive webinar series on “Promoting the circular economy in the creative media for the revitalization of Athens”. BlueCycle participated in the webinar session “Innovation – New Technologies, Education – Expertise (Integration of upcycling processes in Creativity / Good practices, Design, production and distribution of innovative products)”, presenting its operating model and activity, as a good practice for the upcycling of plastic fishing and shipping equipment.

The webinars circle was completed with a comprehensive, final SWOT-PEST Online Seminar, where the first research results of the project, the general conclusions of each topic and the conclusions of the overall process have been presented.

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Find more about the webinars here (in Greek).