Blue Cycle

Koufonisia islands join BlueCycle collection network

Another island was added to the nationwide network for the collection of plastic fishing and shipping equipment. On Saturday 12 September 2020, BlueCycle visited in Ano Koufonissi at the invitation of the President of the Community, Mr. Antonis Kovaios, with the aim of installing a new collection point for discarded fishing equipment and the collection of equipment for disposal already collected on the island. With the help of the President, the Deputy Mayor Mr. Giannis Tagoulis and the workforce of the Municipality, a large volume of material was collected. We will return to the island soon to continue our work!

We also visited the islands of Paros and Antiparos, where marine waste collection stations are operating with great success, set up by our partner of the environmental organization Aegean Rebreath. From there we received an equally large amount of fishing equipment, which was collected and delivered by the fishermen of the area for recycling.

A total of almost 2 tons of plastic equipment were collected from this mission, which will be processed at the BlueCycle Lab, in Piraeus.

This trip was realized with the help of Blue Star Ferries, inaugurating a crucial collaboration for the expansion and smooth operation of the nationwide network for the recycling of plastic fishing and shipping equipment of BlueCycle. With the common goal of reducing marine plastic waste, the synergies that are created are bearing fruits!