Blue Cycle

Cooperation of the Municipality of Glyfada with BlueCycle for the collection of discarded fishing gear

Strengthening BlueCycle’s collection network in Greece

BlueCycle collaborates with the Municipality of Glyfada and redefines the future of marine plastic waste genergated from fishing activity in the area, putting the waste into the past!

On Thursday 30 March 2023, BlueCycle’s plastic fishing and shipping equipment collection point was officially put into operation at the area’s fishing harbour. At the event the Mayor of Glyfada Mr. Giorgos Papanikolaou, the Vice Mayor for Cleaning and Recycling Mrs. Anna Kafka, and the Secretary General of the Municipality Sokratis Zachos, the President of the Glyfada Fishermen’s Association “The Renaissance” Mr. Thanasis Karagiannakis, the Vice-President Mr. Apostolos Tsakiris and the Secretary Mr. Thodoris Kontrafouris, as well as the founder and head of BlueCycle, Mrs. Suzanna Laskaridis were present.

“It was an issue that concerned us a lot and we are very happy for finding a solution in the partnership of our Municipality with BlueCycle”, said the Mayor, Mr. George Papanikolaou, among others. Mrs. Suzanna Laskaridis underlined the value and environmental impact of this offer. “By joining forces with the Municipality of Glyfada, we are glad for contributing to the protection of the marine environment in this key area of Attica, but also for the strengthening of BlueCycle’s nation-wide collection network”.

The President of the Fishermen’s Association, Mr. Karagiannakis, referred to the support of this project by the entire fishing community, which numbers more than 35 boats. “This initiative fills us with joy, as it gives us the opportunity to actively contribute to the protection of the sea, our “home”, he said. Already the first discarded fishing nets were gathered and have started their journey to recycling and acquiring a “new life”.

The collection point in the Municipality of Glyfada is added to the rapidly growing fishing and shipping equipment collection network of 38 points all over Greece, which is already operational. From these points, BlueCycle gathers the material, which is processed in its facilities in Attica and creates high-quality recycled raw material, suitable for reintegration into the plastics industry, thus effectively implementing circular economy.