Blue Cycle

BlueCycle is nominated for the Earthshot Prize 2022

BlueCycle, the only effort in Greece to recycle and upgrade marine plastic waste following the circular economy model, is nominated for the Earthshot Prize 2022, the most prestigious global environment prize in history.

The Earthshot Prize, launched in 2020 by Prince William and the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, is awarded each year to 5 efforts that address some of the biggest environmental challenges and have a significant impact on the future of the planet.

BlueCycle focuses mainly on the utilization of plastic fishing and shipping equipment, implementing a holistic programme to address the problem of waste management for discarded gear. It deals with all stages of the process, from the collection of material to its processing and the creation of new products.

Ghost nets, mooring ropes, fishing lines and other fishing equipment are collected through an expanding nationwide network with more than 30 collection points in Greece. Material from fishermen, fish farms, mussel farms, manufacturers, from underwater and coastal clean-ups, environmental organizations and local authorities is collected and processed at the BlueCycle Lab, in Piraeus. This is the only specialized laboratory for the recycling of marine litter in Greece, hosting also the only robotic large scale 3D printing lab. Relying on research and new technologies, BlueCycle designs and creates 100% high quality recyclable products from traceable materials, proving in practice that the road to sustainability goes through the implementation of circularity.

BlueCycle’s nomination for Earthshot Prize 2022 is supported by three of the 250 major institutions worldwide, who have been selected as nominators for the award: the EPLO Institute for Sustainable Development, the Common Seas and the PCAI initiative.