Blue Cycle


In response to the alarming reality of plastic waste, BlueCycle launches Second Nature, its first series of furniture that showcases how digital design and fabrication technologies can be deployed
to tackle marine plastic pollution.
Inspired by the sea environment, our designers reimagine and redesign the life cycle of plastic items used in the fishing and shipping industry. With the use of robotic 3D printing, all our products are digitally crafted from up-cycled marine plastic. Through the distribution of these items, we aspire to become a sustainable business paradigm that combines new models
of manufacturing with recycling practices.

  • Materials:
    70% recycled plastics from the shipping and fishing industry.
    100% recyclable plastics.
    100% circular plastics
  • Year of design: 2020
  • Every piece is unique.
  • Reinventing the concept of recycled plastic, items with strong story-telling qualities that can be used for high-end applications.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, Second Nature items can be used in different lounging and dining configurations.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors applications.
  • All items are manufactured in Piraeus from discarded materials sourced in Greece.

All our products are available for sale. For further information please contact us at