Blue Cycle


BlueCycle is a Blue and Circular economy initiative which aims to reuse marine plastic waste generated from shipping and fishing activities.
Its goal is to create new, high-quality material suitable for re-integration into the industry, and to explore and promote a holistic approach to the sea waste problem.


Our vision is to create a new “life cycle” for plastic fishing and shipping gear.
We rely on current research, new technologies, innovation and creativity, and we propose sustainable solutions to the marine plastic waste problem.
We adopt modern practices and operate with a view to protecting marine environment.
We see the opportunities beyond marine plastic waste.


Our story begins in 2017, with the first step taken by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation in collaboration with the architectural duo The New Raw. With a clear view to raise public awareness on the issue of abandoned fishing nets and with the aim to find ways to re-use them with the help of new technologies, the Foundation funded the production of the documentary Second Nature, by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Daphne Matziaraki.
The film sparked the idea for creating a comprehensive project, which will utilize plastic waste from fishing and shipping activity.
With the view that solutions can be found in synergies, we shared our idea with individuals and organizations who operate in key areas, with links in the production and consumption process of plastic equipment, in research, in environmental protection, who believe in promoting circular economy.
We have designed a new, innovative programme and we are committed to exploring viable solutions.

BlueCycle is created and operates under the auspices of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation.